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 Online Registration Begins on Monday, December 13, 2010

Unless otherwise indicated, fees listed are for all classes per session. Please call (408) 626-3402 or email us at cace@cuhsd.org for more information or if you have difficulty registering online. Look for an expanded list of classes beginning on February 28 (Session 3)!


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Community Education for Session III: January 10, 2011 through February 18, 2011

* = these classes are not supported with state adult education funds.                                                      


Blackford Center, 3800 Blackford Avenue,  San Jose, CA 95117


Genealogy               606030          T          1:00pm-3:00pm            January 11 - May 24, 2011          $40            REGISTER

The PBS special "Who Do You Think You Are" has caused an unprecedented renewal of interest in Family History and Genealogy.  This class will help you understand the difference between those two subjects, and how they apply to you and those who came before you.  You will learn how to access information from a plethora of sources, available both online through in-class instruction and at a variety of Bay Area repositories during field trips.  The most important aspect of our class is sharing information with each other, which leads to help with our problems and to discovering new ways of keeping track of the seemingly unending stream of information generated by research in Family History and Genealogy.  We are particularly nurturing to beginners. If you have any questions about the applicability of this class to your particular goals, please contact the instructor, Marcia Holstrom, at geogrammy@gmail.com.


*Mature Driver's Improvement          TBA          Coming in Spring, 2011!


 Del Mar High School, 1224 Del Mar Avenue, San Jose 95124


 String Ensemble     609030    M    4:00pm-6:00pm     Del Mar High School   January 10 - May 6, 2011   $40   REGISTER

Continuing a long tradition of love for quality music and lifelong personal growth, Campbell String Ensemble Maestra Pat Isham will again encourage musicians, budding and otherwise, to come together to practice and perform classical music.  If you play a stringed instrument and are interested in joining this band of amateurs (defined as those who love music), please contact CACE for more information.  For more than thirty years this group of senior musicians has been using music to keep body, mind and spirit active and engaged.  We meet Mondays in the music room at Del Mar High School.


*Beginning Guitar         T              6:30pm-7:30pm          Del Mar High School        Coming in Spring, 2011!

Offering a unique system of acquiring guitar skills, reading music and playing by ear, the instructor will offer students time to receive individualized attention and guided practice time.  Augmenting the classroom time with the teacher you’ll be invited to access and use videos and other learning tools online as you become more and more proficient at the guitar. Instructor: Gorden Gibson.                 


Dance Boulevard Studio, 1825 Hillsdale Avenue , San Jose, CA 95124, (408) 264-9393

 All classes begin the week of Jan. 10 and runn through the week of Feb. 18, 2011.

*West Coast Swing            804030                  M             7:15am-8:15am                       $40                                         REGISTER

West Coast Swing is the California state dance. WCS can be danced to all kinds of music ranging from blues and pop to country western. No prior experience necessary. No partner required                                                          


Senior Dancing for Health (Ballroom)         604030          T        10:00am-11:00am           $30                               REGISTER

Foxtrot, Waltz, Swing and Night Club Two-Step are the easiest dances to learn in the beginning. Come and develop your posture, coordination and dance skills with us. No prior experience necessary. No partner required.


*Salsa               804133                              T                 7:30pm-8:30pm                           $40                                    REGISTER

Learn to dance the basic steps of Salsa set to irresistible music. This class gives new dancers the repertoire of fun turns, arm loops and hip actions. No prior experience necessary. No partner required.


Senior Dancing for Health (Latin)               604130            W           10:00am-11:00am           $30                         REGISTER

Tango, Rumba, Cha Cha and Meringue are the foundation of Latin dancing, a great form of exercise that focuses on flexibility and coordination, and the music is great.  Join us for this fun class as we go dancing together.  No prior experience necessary. No partner required.   


*Social Dancing, Beginning            804233                F            7:00pm-8:00pm                       $40                         REGISTER

Have a blast as you learn the Foxtrot, Swing, Waltz, Cha Cha, and Rumba. With your newfound confidence you will navigate the dance floor and get some great exercise and fun. No prior experience necessary. No partner required.


Feldenkrais                       608030                            T            9:00am-10:00am                      $30                           REGISTER

Feldenkrais is a system of learned intelligent movement for both health and rehabilitation.  Learning new ways to move can be an essential addition to the treatment of neurological, orthopedic, chronic pain and stress-related conditions.  The Awareness Through Movement lessons guide students through movements that explore daily functions such as reaching, turning, breathing and walking.  Easier movement means greater comfort performing everyday activities at work or home.  As awareness of how you move expands, you realize that the possibilities for personal improvement are limitless.  This class is taught by Joan McCarten, a respected Feldenkreis and yoga teacher with more than 20 years of experience.  Students should bring a light yoga mat.                                             


Tai Chi                              608130                               F           10:00am-11:00am                    $30                          REGISTER

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial arts and exercise for overall health, a gentle exercise that improves balance and stability, improves strength, and reduces stress.  The emphasis on breath and the gentle circular movements of the form is not stressful to the body and builds strength slowly.  The class will start with warm-up Qi Gong movements and then move into a 30-Movement Special Short Form of the traditional Yang style. Instructor: Susan Robertson.


Please visit the Campbell Community Center website for more classes for students over 50: http://www.cityofcampbell.com/Recreation/adult50/classes.htm