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Our CACE teachers and administrators value your input and feedback as we build and grow our adult and continuing education programs.  As part of the award-winning Campbell Union High School District, our mission is to provide our adult students with the same outstanding educational experience and opportunities that we have been providing to Silicon Valley high school students for more than 70 years.


If you have questions or comments about our classes, or are a teacher with something you would like to share, please contact us.  


Del Mar Learning Center

1224 Del Mar Avenue,

San Jose, CA 95128


Blackford Center

3800 Blackford Avenue

San Jose, CA 95117


Phone: (408) 626-3402

Email: cace@cuhsd.org


Dr. Bob Harper, Director - bharper@cuhsd.org

Judy Gehman, Program Coordinator - jgehman@cuhsd.org

Kim Vu, High School Credit Counselor - kvu@cuhsd.org

Peg Fitzgerald, High School Diploma Program - pfitzgerald@cuhsd.org

Lori Miller, Independent Study Program - lmiller@cuhsd.org

Val Clifford, Basic Skills, CalWorks, WorkKeys® Certification - vclifford@cuhsd.org

Usha Narayanan, Community Partnerships - unarayanan@cuhsd.org

Kirti Venkatasawmy, English as a Second Language - kvenkata@cuhsd.org

Heather Simonovich, Distance Learning/Online Classes - hsimonovitch@cuhsd.org

Leslie Barrow, Human Resources - lbarrow@cuhsd.org

Web Resources - Step Forward Level 1

Web Resources - Step Forward Level 2


Web Resources for Step Forward Book 2


PRE-UNIT (The First Step)

Your E-mail Address(Listening)
Days and Months(Listening)
Telling Time(Listening)


UNIT 1—Learning to Learn

Classroom Items Puzzle
Classroom Items Puzzle- KEY
Picture Dictionary(Reading Comprehension)
Cheaper School Books  (Listening, Reading and Exercises)
Time for English-Worksheet(Speaking)
Living in the Library(Picture Story)
Maria Finds a Friend(Picture Story)
Two Plus Two(Listening-School Life Dialog)



Making Yes/No and WH-questions  (Explanation and Exercises)
Simple Present(Explanation)
Simple Present Exercises


UNIT 2—Getting Together

Send an e-card
Small Talk Dialog
Family Picnic(Writing Prompt)
Small Talk Functional Phrases
Weather(Video and Exercises)
Weather and Weather Disasters(Word Match and Information Gap)
A Tornado(Listening, Reading and Exercises)
Make Your Own Calendar
Dates and Dates(Video and Exercises)
Make Free Printable Invitations

Web Resources - Step Forward Level 3

Web Resources - Step Forward Level 4

Web Resources - ESL Teachers Only



Adult Ed Publication for Social Justice
Adult Literacy Education Wiki
Center for Adult English Language Acquisition
The Internet TESL Journal
National Center for the Study of Adult Learning and Literacy
Clip Arts
More Clip Arts
Goal Setting Resources (Toolkit, Forms, Activities)
Goal Setting Worksheet (at bottom of page)
Graphic Organizers
Oxford University Press Teacher's Club (join to download free resources)
Picture-based Activities
Azar Grammar (Grammar presentations, explanations and worksheets by level and topic)



Information Gap Activity with Clocks (Unit 2)
Integrating Technology into Low Level ESL
Computer Basics 1
Computer Basics 2
Computer Components Flashcard
Dolch Sight Words (High Frequency Words)
Language Experience Stories
Low Level Activities



Dolch Sight Words (High Frequency Words)
Want to-Need to-Have-to (Grammar Lesson Idea-Unit 1)
Giving Directions (Lesson Idea-Unit 2)



Stories and activities related to education (Unit 1-Choose the appropriate story for your level)
Adjectives Lesson Ideas (Unit 1)
Making Plans Role play (Lesson Idea – Unit 2)



Dictionary Skills
Dictionary Features
Handling Data Factsheets and Handling Data Worksheets (Charts, diagrams, tables)
News (Examine news and editorial sections of a newspaper-Lesson Idea-Unit 2)
Newspaper Lesson Plan(Unit 2)
Paragraph Writing(Unit 1)
Passive Voice(Grammar Lesson Idea-Unit 2)